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A little gem from Apple

A couple of weeks ago Apple released a major update for Logic Pro X which has added a lot of new features and functionality that most other software vendors would probably charge for. Alongside this they also released an update to MainStage 3, their live performance software.Included in this update is a superb little program called Auto Sampler.

In 2012 Apple bought a company called Redmatica which didn’t go down very well with users of Redmatica’s great app Keymap Pro, a wonderful little sampling tool. Apple have a history of acquiring companies whose products never again see light of day so I was pleasantly surprised to see Auto Sampler which is obviously based on Redmatica software. This utility allows you to sample either an internal or external instrument with little to no user input. Just set the midi channel, input channels, range of sampling, how many velocity levels, sample length and the interval of notes you want to sample and off it goes. Come back 10 minutes later and it’s all done and an EXS24 instrument created. It even puts it straight into the EXS24 preset menu. This is a great little program for sampling external midi keyboards and sound modules and has been a little underplayed by Apple. Ironically I’ve already used it to sample my sampler – the Emu E6400 Ultra has some classic sounds on it which I’ve now got available within Logics EXS24 thanks to Auto Sampler.

Unfortunately Auto Sampler not been built into this Logic release so you need MainStage 3.0 in order to get the sounds into EXS24 but there is hope that a future update will include Auto Sampler and some of the Keymap features (along with a much needed facelift to the EXS24 sampler). With Apple also buying Camel Audio things are looking bright for Logic and MainStage users.