Professional Recording Workshop (PRW)   – my favourite music forum. The experience on this site is staggering with engineers and producers who’ve worked, and still work, with the best. A very easy going membership who are always happy to share their knowledge and thoughts. Not a site to ask “which is the best microphone for $50” though.

Organ Forums – if you’re looking to buy a Hammond or Leslie or already own one then this site is invaluable. There’s pretty much nothing that forum members don’t know about most Hammond models and they are always willing to give advice. It’s hard to believe that other makes of organ exist but they do and are also covered on this excellent forum.

V.I. Control – the Virtual Instruments Composers Forum. Mainly aimed at the film composing and arranging fraternity but is also a very good resource if you’re looking for orchestral samples and the like. It has a couple of illustrious members who post now and again including Hans Zimmer.

Sound on Sound – a good site which allows access to all articles older than 6 months (unless you subscribe) and a very active forum with good contributions from the magazine writers. I have to say that the magazine itself is becoming rather bloated with reviews and has a lot less non product related content than it used to.

KVR Audio – the forums on this site also host official company forums for a wide variety of software providers,both large and small, and is the place to find some different bits of software. A very good support resource.

Tape Op – Tape Op have produced the best free recording magazine for years. It used to be in hard copy, still is in the USA, but the download version is still worth reading. There is a message board which is pretty good if a little slow sometimes. – I had to put this one in although it can get a bit fractious on there. If you want to find out what’s new, and everyones opinions on it, then this is the place. Personally I find it one to browse rather than participate.

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