Part 1 – Let’s find a Hammond

I owned a T102 many years ago and always felt it was very underrated, especially when blasting out through a Leslie speaker. When setting up my home studio I decided that there was enough room to get a Hammond and Leslie in there and started looking. First up came a Leslie 760 which I found on eBay and was located only 1 mile away from home.

Next was to find a Hammond. It soon became apparent that a decent console model such as the C3, A100 etc. was out of my budget and M series spinets were also holding their value. Unlike the USA we do not get Hammonds for free and even real beaters still hold some value. So one day I was looking on eBay (seems to be my main pastime) and came across a T102 for £50 and available fairly locally. One bid later and it was mine. The next problem was how to move it. I did some quick measuring up and worked out that it would fit it the back of my old Ford Focus if I removed some of the plastic trim around the tailgate. To say it was a tight fit is an understatement – there was around an inch to spare but fit it did. Getting out at the other end was a different story and involved sweat, swearing and a bit of alcohol.

A tight fit

A tight fit


Part 2 – The bad, the worse and the downright ugly


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